Accountability Council

Accountability Council

Since 2008 PDN has an accoutability council, named the Board of Interested Parties (BoIP) till 1 July 2014. Now it's the Accountability Council, or AC for short. The AC's main task is to evaluate the functioning of the PDN board. In the execution of this task, the AC’s chief concern is whether the PDN Board has struck a fair balance between the interests of the various stakeholder groups (pensioners – employees).

The AC consists of eight members, of which two are appointed by DSM Netherlands, two are appointed by the Central Works Council as representatives of the active employees, and four are chosen by the pensioners.

The AC highly appreciates receiving reactions to its work. Such reactions can be emailed to: while stating ‘Verantwoordingsorgaan’. Alternatively, a letter can be sent to: Pensioenfonds PDN, Verantwoordingsorgaan, Postbus 6500, 6401 JH Heerlen, the Netherlands.

The members of the Accountability Council are:
W. Beckers, M. Dijkstra, P. Coomans, L. Lemon, A. Noteborn, P. Pasmans, M.Silvertand and E. van de Wiel

The Accountability Council bade farewell to its member Harry Govers on June 19, 2022. Harry was elected by the pensioners and had been a member of the Accountability Council since July 1, 2016. The Accountability Council is grateful for his contribution to the Council on behalf of the pensioners. In accordance with the procedure in effect, the vacancy will be filled by the next candidate on the most recent list of candidates. 

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