Net Pension Scheme

As an employee, you accrue pension with PDN. In Pension 1-2-3, you can read what is and is not covered by our Net Pension Scheme. PDN’s Net Pension Scheme is a voluntary supplement to your basic pension scheme at PDN. Your employer offers you this supplementary scheme if the fixed part of your income exceeds €128,810 (threshold for 2023).

You can also waive membership of the Net Pension Scheme by completing this form and sending it to your employer (HR). Pension 1-2-3 does not contain any personal information about your pension. However, you can access this information on, and on My PDN Pension on the PDN website .

Our Sustainability policy gives you more insight into our socially responsible investment practices.

To administer the pension scheme for you, we process your personal data. We deal carefully with your pension data and comply with privacy legislation. Read more about this on our website.

What do you find in layer 1, 2, and 3?

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Pension 1-2-3 consists of three layers. Layer 1 summarizes the most important information about PDN’s Net Pension Scheme. You receive layer 1 from us if your employer registers you with PDN or if your gross salary exceeds the threshold. All information is described more comprehensively in layer 2. Finally, layer 3 contains more detailed, legal and policy-related information about PDN.