Frequently Asked Questions:

  Anw / Partner’s pension in the event of death

Does someone have to report my death?


What is Anw?


What will my partner and children receive in the event of my death?


When does the partner's/orphans' pension start if I die?

  Buy an annuity

What is Factor A?


What is annual margin?

  Change of address

I'm moving house soon. Should I inform the pension fund of this?


My Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) only contains gross amounts. Where can I find the net amounts?


What about the tax on my pension?


What happens if I become disabled?


What happens when I leave the company?


What should I do if my disability decreases or increases?

  Divorce or separation

I'm getting a divorce, I'm divorced, or my cohabitation contract is being terminated. What are the implications for my retirement pension?


What is the definition of 'partner'?

  Early retirement

I want to retire before my state retirement age.


I'd like to take early retirement. At what age can I retire?


What are the implications of early retirement for my retirement pension?


Is my pension increased annually?


Would I be better off if I invest my pension contributions myself?

  Marriage and cohabitation

I am cohabiting and have a cohabitation agreement, do I need to report this?


I am going to get married or will enter into a registered partnership, do I need to report this?


What is the definition of ‘partner’?

  Net Pension Scheme

How do I leave or rejoin the NPS?


If I decide not to join the Net Pension Scheme (NPS), is the employer's contribution the same as the contribution if I do?


Is it possible to transfer the capital accrued in the Net Pension Scheme (NPS) to another pension fund if I leave employment?


Is there a tax benefit if I join the Net Pension Scheme (NPS)?


What are the pros and cons compared to the other options, such as transferring to an insurance company?


When do I join the Net Pension Scheme?


Early retirement


Exchange of partner's pension for extra retirement pension


Varying the amount of the pension benefit

  Prepension scheme (PPS scheme)

What can I do with my PPS balance?


What happens to my accrued PPS balance if I change employer before I reach the age at which I want to retire?


What has the yield been in recent years and can the PPS interest also be negative?

  Retirement / state pension (AOW)

How is my pension accrued at PDN?


How much contribution do I pay?


I want to retire. What do I need to do?


What are the implications of early retirement for my retirement pension?


What is AOW?


When will I receive an overview of my accrued pension and pre-pension entitlements?


Who can I contact with questions about my pension?

  Unpaid leave

What happens to my pension accrual if I take unpaid leave?

  Value transfer

How do I find a former pension provider?


I am leaving employment soon. Can I transfer my accrued pension or pre-pension entitlements to the pension administrator of my new employer?


I recently joined DSM. How can I have the pension I accrued with my previous pension fund transferred to PDN?